Transparency Tool Added!

You asked for it, and we listened!

We have readded the transparency tool in our new interface! We didn’t know so many skinners are still actively using this tool. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

You can now access the tool again under Create Theme, above the selection of model to create.

Happy skinning!

63 Responses to “Transparency Tool Added!”

  1. shiela Says:

    hello.. i have a problem making themes. where can i get those icons and wallpapers?? i dont really have any idea that’s why i dont usually make my own themes.. thank you

  2. Dhanu Saud Says:

    Please include carbide.ui section also.
    It will help most users to rectify the problem which arises in carbide.

    Thanks a lot for creating wonderful blog related to ownskin.


  3. christine Says:

    hi please help me. why there’s no available mobile themes for sony ericsson G900 and C905????? i need them…please reply soon thanks… hoping that my problem will be solved earlier..

  4. christine Says:

    please help from PHilippines

    • genote3 Says:

      hi christine, if u send me pictures to your theme on mobile I make thist theme 4U and show on my profile genote3 or send 4Ur email.

  5. christine Says:

    anyone outder willing to help me.??

  6. christine Says:

    why is that your cellphone models are limited i mean , not all the cellphone models are not included in the list for mobile themes..???can you improve it??

    can you do something about it..thanks

  7. sang gringgos Says:

    i have problem with analogue clock background i want another clock background,what kind or file format can i download to created my own clock background .
    can you do something ?

  8. Adhvaresh Says:


    I m Adhvaresh

  9. Kral Oyun Says:

    i have a problem please help me..


  10. nirav bhojani Says:

    i have nokia E51 but not sapoted theme in my mnb.ple help me

    • genote3 Says:

      hi nirav, meybe place of installation is wrong, maybe U must OFF position settings in mobile App Manager “Online certificate check” = must be OFF and “Software installation” = must be ALL

  11. jouriz Says:

    pls help me i cant make another themes or other application but i already made 5 themes,.. but now i cant made any its just stop on 0% sending image… pls help me reply


  12. khuntienboyz Says:

    visit me and get more aplikasi on ur phone free

  13. carissa Says:

    hwo to you delete the account? or change the username? co smy friend found out my username and i would like to change it please do reply to my question via email thanks alot you guys rock

  14. linney Says:

    for creating sony ericsson w980 , i notified that the tools theme setting i use got a little problem , that is activity menu had set both [new events] , so that i setting both the activity menu highlight,when i use in my handphone,only the new events can saw the picture i set as menu highlight and for shortcuts can not be see. so that i think one of the activity menu should change to shortcuts, that is my suggestion,thankyou! hope ownskin can take note.

  15. Vivy Says:

    Hi .. i have a prob. I cant download the skin into my PC. Can someone help me with it?

    Thank you

  16. raj Says:


  17. monil4 Says:


  18. Yu Shan Says:

    can someone teach me how to change application icon

  19. connal Says:


  20. LATHAMOHAN Says:


  21. rifai507 Says:

    i am happy by for skin

  22. Rongdhonu Says:

    Hi! Make own theme,flash & wallpaper! Plz don’t worry! Step 1.Sign up(if unregister) step create now(it just uper right site,yellow icon) step a catagory(theme,flash or wallpaper) ur must neede a pc and flash player v.10 enjoy! More hlp?

  23. Selina Says:

    Hi..! It’s must be true ? Couse ownskin the best for all time. Theme download,create, edit and more..!!!

  24. Katrina Says:

    Plz”! Plz”’!! Frnds .i am from Bangladesh !

  25. Aslam Says:

    its the best theme site

  26. Aslam Says:

    ownskin-create,edit and download ur own theme

  27. sesti Says:

    hi please i want you to delete my profile and delete every thik about me in own skin..i cant be here anymore….
    im soo busy and have lot of exams so pleas delet it not to be member any more

  28. Md.Aslam Says:

    The better ownskin

  29. Rickz Says:

    hello….i have a problem with icon and wallpaper to make a themes….where can i get those icons and wallpapers????
    help me….
    thank you…

  30. Preortrot Says:

    Nice post, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favorites!!

  31. natural dog food Says:

    Thank you this important tool.

  32. KaRoLa Says:

    sto diventando pazza, c’è un modo qualsiasi x cancellare il mio account da ownskin?? le ho provate tt, ho kiesto a tt, ma o nn risp o nn capisco cs dicono.. -.- please, help me!!

  33. Md Aslam Says:

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  34. Md Aslam Says:

    good news for nokia n-gage fan ! I am realy working for nokia symbian os v9.3 fp2 hacking !!! ‘Easy hack’ it’s my program. S60v3rd owner can easily haching his/her nokia symbian os9 phone. So wait…then start ultimate hack… for more help about hacking please call +88-01710771195

  35. O26L97 Says:

    how do I delete my account? or change username?

  36. Motorcycle Leather Suit Says:

    Nice blog.

  37. PAST64 Says:

    Hola queria saber por que no puedo guardar nada de mi perfil,no puedo poner avatar,colores de mi home,y guardar amigos.gracias por leer esto, me gustaria que me dieran una solucion a la mayor brevedad posible a mi correo,gracias.

  38. bob Says:

    why isnt there a delete account bitton on this site ??

  39. Marvin Says:

    why i cannot save my edited themes?

  40. kanaxyuki Says:

    Hey, can you support c3 for themes? I really need it. please reply as soon as possible. i met a few people in forums who also have c3 but you guys haven’t support it. pls reply asap. it would be nice to know if you do. 🙂

  41. shanna Says:

    how to i delete my own skin account??

  42. Gsm Boy Says:

    unlimited nokia hardware and software solution. please get this site for help about any mobile problem

  43. danydany44 Says:

    ciao a tutti vorrei eliminare il mio account da owskin ma proprio non so come si fa!le ho provate veramente tutte ma niente!…mi pare di capire che cmq non è solo un problema mio…. 😦 x favore se c’è qualcuno che sa come si fa scriva!!!!!!!!!!!!! (T.T)

  44. ownskinasshole Says:

    who asked you ass holes and jerks…….

  45. marvi.mamaril Says:

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  46. --- Says:

    voglio eliminare il mio account di OwnSkin!!!!! Qualcuno ci è riuscito?
    I want to delete my account!!!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!

  47. AQ Shafi Enterprises Says:

    can we create own skins??

  48. Anshika Says:

    I wanna delete my ownskin account ..pls pls help me :,(

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  51. jevie11 Says:

    nice good better.!

  52. jevie11 Says:

    how to changes themes..

  53. vhsenterprises Says:

    how to make own themes
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  54. Makhi54 Says:

    good site

  55. JBJfan Says:

    For the good times!
    It was a pleasure being here

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